How to Use the Dronecast App

Forecasts and Flying Conditions

The Forecast page provides a clear report indicating either Good or Poor flying conditions.

Each condition such as wind speed, gust speed, and precipitation (chance of rain or snow) is displayed with color-coded indicators. If any condition is marked in red (e.g., high wind speed), the overall status is shown as Poor Flying Conditions. Conversely, if all conditions are marked in green, Good Flying Conditions are indicated.

KP Index and Its Importance

Alongside these conditions, we also display the Kp Index. This index measures geomagnetic disturbances caused by solar activity. It’s crucial for drone pilots as high Kp Index values can affect GPS and navigation systems, potentially impacting flight stability and accuracy.

Customising Your Experience

In the Settings page, you can change the safety thresholds for conditions like wind speed or precipitation to suit your specific drone model and flying preferences.

Staying Informed

Our data is frequently updated to provide the most current conditions for your planned flights. By understanding and utilizing these features, you can ensure safer and more enjoyable flying experiences with your drone. Always adhere to local regulations and be mindful of changing weather conditions.